Detect more and respond faster to malware and phishing attacks with contextual threat intelligence.

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Protect Your Network℠

Prevent malware attacks: Receive early notification and intelligence about emerging cyber threats. This is the information you need to detect, investigate, and respond to malware hitting your employees.


Protect Your Brand℠

Stop credential phishing: Understand the active phishing threats targeting your brand, including hidden relationships between multiple attacks and which attacker is behind a given attack.


Abuse Box Processing

Timely analysis: Your customers and employees are a great souce of threat data that needs to be processed every day. Let our team analyze the data for you as part of our service to you.

  • "Malcovery’s unique approach enables you to identify malicious links and attachments that often sail right through spam filters and anti-virus and anti-malware engines."
    -Network World
  • "The company spammers and phishers hate."
    - TechRepublic
  • "Threat intelligence helps CISOs use their security spend more efficiently and combat their adversaries more effectively."
    - Gartner
2014 Q4 Malware Trends 

Our Threat Intelligence team reviewed over 100 million potentially hostile email messages and identified 352 significant malware campaigns being distributed by email.

See what's trending:

  • Hosting provider OVH
  • Common infrastucture
  • Delivery techniques of email-based malware

Using context to deliver a compelling, forensics-based narrative about the functionality and behavior of malware is a game-changer in cyber threat protection. 

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