Detect more and respond faster to malware and phishing attacks with contextual threat intelligence.

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Protect Your Network℠

Prevent malware attacks: Receive early notification and intelligence about emerging cyber threats. This is the information you need to detect, investigate, and respond to malware hitting your employees.


Protect Your Brand℠

Stop credential phishing: Understand the active phishing threats targeting your brand, including hidden relationships between multiple attacks and which attacker is behind a given attack.


Abuse Box Processing

Timely analysis: Your customers and employees are a great souce of threat data that needs to be processed every day. Let our team analyze the data for you as part of our service to you.

  • "Malcovery’s unique approach enables you to identify malicious links and attachments that often sail right through spam filters and anti-virus and anti-malware engines."
    -Network World
  • "The company spammers and phishers hate."
    - TechRepublic
  • "Threat intelligence helps CISOs use their security spend more efficiently and combat their adversaries more effectively."
    - Gartner

Malware Trends and Tactics:
Focus on the Long Tail

Compared to previous research, the second quarter of 2015 is notable for the diversity of campaigns that have been observed. This paper explores the long tail of malware and spam campaigns.

In this report:

  • What to expect based on analyzing the long tail of recent attacks
  • Which malware delivery mechanisms are used in the latest spam campaigns

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